How to study Financial Management

by CA IPCC Online Video Lectures Classes

If you are planning to study Financial Management, I will tell you a wonderful way of doing the same. First of all classify the Course into following groups.

Groups in Financial Management

Group V Consisting of

1. Cash Budget
2. Credit Policy
3. Working Capital

Group W consisting of

1. Leverages and Indifference Point
2. Theory of Capital Structure
3. Cost of Capital

Group X consisting of

1. Time Value of Money
2. Capital Budgeting

Group Y Consisting of

1. Ratio and Comparative Statement
2. Cash Flow Statement
3. Fund Flow Statement

Group Z Consisting of

1. Sources of Finance
2. International Finance


Sequence of Study

You can follow any of the Following Sequence

V ------> W ----------> X ---------->Y ----------> Z


V --------> X -----------> W -----------> Y ------------> Z


V --------> Y -----------> W -----------> X ------------> Z

You may follow any of the above sequence but Finish ONE GROUP at a time in the SEQUENCE mentioned within the Group

Best of Luck
CA Mkjain



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