How to Buy Videos

Step 1

Whatsapp or Call +91-9990-112455, We will explain and provide you all details.

You may Email us your requirement to

Step 2

We will Email /sms/ whatsapp you the details of the bank account in which you can deposit the fees in cash, by cheque or through internet transfer i.e. NEFT or IMPS.

Step 3

  1. Deposit the fees and whatsapp or email the followingdetails
  2. 1. Name
  3. 2. Address with pin code
  4. 3. Phone number
  5. 4. Subject Course
  6. 5. Amount of fees deposited
    6. Name of our bank deposited to email address specified above.

Step 4

We will immidiately send you the downlaod link and also despatch the DVD to the address mentioned in the email.